The Menu

We’re dedicated to using only the freshest ingredients and prefer local ingredients whenever possible. We have scouted the area to find some great providers for anything we need in our kitchen. We’re proud about making our own jams and lots of other home-made goods!

Of course, we blend our coffee here, at Toulouse, and we’re proud to be nominated as one of the best places-to-go for the coffee lovers in Cluj-Napoca! Our team is happy to offer you any info you need about everything we do here at Toulouse. You can find a selection of our most appreciated dishes below





We serve breakfast up to 1 PM 

All Day

All Day Menu

You can check the complete all-day menu here



Check out the complete menus for drinks and wines


This is just a portion of our extensive menu! We couldn’t fit all the dishes we cook  in this page, but we made sure you have access to everything we carry so you can find links to the complete menu at the end of each section above. We’re also proud to have stocked our bar with all drinks you could imagine! Plus, we have some of the greatest bartenders and baristas in Cluj-Napoca!